Publish Blog Content on Facebook – in an Instant

Why try to hack a feed when there’s an open invitation to join one?facebook-388078_1920

Facebook introduced Instant Articles last year to speed access to publisher content.  Clearly, they want to improve the user experience and make the network a stickier, one-stop destination for all information needs (of course, they’re not the only ones packaging news for easy user access – Google offers AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages – and there’s Apple News).

If you are after Facebook’s audience, you’ll be happy to know that even smaller blogs can soon publish Instant Articles.  On April 12, every publisher can participate, according to their blog. And TheVerge ran a piece that said even small WordPress sites can jump on board – which is welcome news for those who blog as an extension of PR and marketing.

This Social Media Examiner article offers a step-by-step approach. You will need a Facebook Page, the Facebook Pages App to preview articles, an RSS feed that displays full text, and to mark up your blog (WordPress users can do this with the PageFrog plugin). You need at least 50 articles to submit at the beginning.

Good luck and happy Facebook Instant Articles publishing!! Would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences as you check it out.

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