Facebook and Unbalanced? Controversy Highlights Growing News Clout

Bernie Sanders recently called for a liberal version of Fox News.  A growing chorus of conservatives say direction-654123_1920that this exists – in the form of Facebook.

As the New York Times reported:

“Facebook scrambled on Monday to respond to a new and startling line of attack: accusations of political bias.  The outcry was set off by a report on Monday morning by the website Gizmodo, which said that Facebook’s team in charge of the site’s ‘trending’ list had intentionally suppressed articles from conservative news sources. The social network uses the trending feature to indicate the most popular news articles of the day to users.”

I have no idea if the accusation has merit.  It does seem clear that as social networks play a larger role in shaping the news, they will be subject to this kind of scrutiny.  And PR will increasingly seek to influence the stories that result.

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1 Comment Facebook and Unbalanced? Controversy Highlights Growing News Clout

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