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With this post I launch Hack the Feed, a blog dedicated to leading edge PR strategies.code-707069_1920 (2)

What does it mean to be on the leading edge? Who in PR would claim the trailing edge?

Many think of press coverage when it comes to PR.  We’ve never been just about media relations – yet this is still the bread and butter for many PR agencies. And most who employ PR hope that it will do its fair share to meet short (read: sales) and long term business goals.

But It is harder than ever to get media to care about pitches and press releases. And when you are successful, and they do write – well, the earned media hit does not drive the same results any more. The servers don’t often come crashing down from a major hit.

Here are other relevant trends:

  • People are overloaded with content choices. So, they become content grazers and scanners and tune much out.
  • Buyers have many ways to get smart about products and services – they don’t need the media to stay informed.
  • There’s a growing tech influence, with the major social platforms, Apple and Google determining what shows on our screens and in news feeds.
  • Users increasingly determine the flow and popularity of info.

They give rise to the following questions:

  • What works better than mass blasts and relying on the media to build buzz and draw attention?
  • How can you craft content, news and campaigns that get noticed and produce results?

HTF is a blog dedicated to updating practices and communicating effectively in today’s info-saturated world.

The HTF ethos embraces technology solutions – but is driven by an understanding that you must start with information consumer – and approach them on their terms.

You can come here to read about topics as diverse as word choice and storytelling to social network analysis, memetics and news feed optimization.   The topics are united under the singular focus of communications that connect. It is about hacking attention spans, breaking through with content that is read, makes an impression and inspires action.

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