Hack the Feed is about communicating effectively in today’s info-drenched world. It features news, commentary, case studies and advice on breakthrough PR tactics and strategies.

Do you:

  • Practice PR and realize the same old tactics just don’t work any more?
  • Manage PR and marketing and are dissatisfied with results?
  • Have a launch, and are wondering about the best ways to build buzz these days?
  • Want to build social proof and visibility, but realize that media relations alone won’t do the job?
  • Love to be on the leading edge of your profession?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Hack the feed!! Jam the frequencies!

If this sounds like information warfare, truth is, communicating today is like war. Consider these facts:

  • Companies spew info via social media and PR to try to get attention and stay ahead of the competition – yet most marketing content and news goes ignored.
  • Buyers have many ways to get smart about products and services – they don’t need the media to stay informed
  • It’s an arms race of content, and it is harder to generate results
  • There’s a growing tech influence, with the major social platforms, Apple and Google determining what shows on our screens and in news feeds.

HTF is a blog dedicated to updating practices andchronicling what works. It embraces technology solutions – but is driven by an understanding that you must start with information consumer – and communicate on their terms.

It is about hacking attention spans, breaking through with content that is read, makes an impression and inspires action.

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